Maggie Mulhern | March 22, 2015 | 6:25 AM
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Alyssa Wiener (@lysseon) of STYLIN' Norwalk, CT, is loving all the rose gold finishes she is seeing and came up with a fresh and deeper version of the shade. "This is fun because it'll transform with each shampoo, even though it is permanent color," she says.

Here Wiener offers the HOW TO for this strong transformation:

Step 1: Maria had mostly virgin hair. Prelighten using Scruples Power Blonde + 20vol doing a virgin application. Process to a solid level 9/10.

Step 2: Rinse. Tone with Scruples Color Art 1oz 8G + 1oz 8BG + 1/2oz 12V. This way when the rose gold itself fades, there's a nice neutral blonde underneath.

Step 3: Dry completely. Mix Scruples Hi Definition 2oz clear + 1/8oz 3RV + 1/8oz 8G with 10vol. Apply roots to ends. Process for half an hour.
*this is a formula I was perfecting on a mannequin head, first time doing it to a client.

Step 4: Shampoo with Scruples Total Integrity Shampoo ("my fave at the moment, smells like vanilla"). Mix up a bowl of ER conditioner with a few squirts of Urban Shock Pink and Red. ("I love using urban shock as conditioner because it seals in the color with color itself.")

"Seeing how this came out, I definitely would love to use less clear or bump the color itself up to a 1/4oz just to see what happens. Alix Clymer, the creator of our unicorn tribe, gave me that tip of creating a beautiful canvas before a 'vibrant' or 'unnatural' color. They get the most out of their service that way! I love my Unicorn Tribe."

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