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A Few Words with Farouk Shami on 50 Years of Farouk Systems

Anne Moratto | April 30, 2015 | 11:40 AM

The company he started fifty years ago, Farouk Systems, Inc., was hairdresser-centric from the beginning.  Award-winning hairdresser Farouk Shami needed to create an ammonia-free haircolor that didn’t aggravate his allergies and from this discovery a global brand was born.

While Shami now concentrates on research and development and his son, Basim Shami, leads Farouk Systems as the president and CEO, we asked Farouk for a few words on what was planned for the 19th Annual International Cancun Conference by Farouk Systems, Inc., September 18-22 in Cancun, Mexico. This year’s conference will celebrate 50-years of hairdressing and innovation.

MS: You have put the hairdresser, front and center, as you have built Farouk Systems. What are some hairdresser concerns that you have tried to address over the years?

FS: My continuous concern is education and higher education and environmental professional products to save hairdressers and their client’s lives. 

MS: Your education team has been very involved in mentoring future professionals through your partnership with Lone Star.  Do you think mentoring is important in our industry and, if so, why?

 FS: Cosmetology students are hairdressers of the future and we want them to have a better future. 

MS: What are some of the biggest changes you have seen in the salon industry in recent years?

 FS: More innovation coming to the industry and hairdressers becoming better business people. 

MS: Your son, Basim, has stepped into a leadership role in the company so that you could be even more focused on development.  Can you share what you are working on, currently? 

FS:  New innovation in professional tools and new CHI color.

MS: The Cancun Conference has always been an exciting time for the Farouk family to gather and become inspired.  This year, it is open to everyone.  What are some of the highlights planned for the conference?

FS: Education and fun.


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