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COLOR CORRECTION: Perfect Brown Dimensional Sombre

Maggie Mulhern | May 3, 2015 | 8:09 AM
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Roz Corpuz assisted Umbrella Salon owner Kien Hoang for MODERN's October 2014 cover and inside feature.
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Roz Corpuz announced winner of Wella Trend Vision North America, 2013
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Roz Corpuz, an artist at Umbrella Salon, San Jose, California has been creating pretty hair for years and was recognized on a larger scale when she won Wella Trend Vision for North America in 2013 and again when she assisted salon owner Kien Hoang last year for MODERN's October 2014 cover and feature. Although we are already fans, this transformation, posted on Instagram, deserves special attention.

We reached out to her to get the how to and here she shares:

"Sandra came in with a 3 inch level 4 regrowth and a grown out level 5 neutral base color," says Corpuz. "From mid ear to mid ear down, she had a blonde panel with a 3 inch regrowth that used to be violet, but faded to a warm blonde. She told me that she wanted to move towards a softer balayage look with dimension."

Step 1: Using a balayage technique, paint one inch sections with Wella Multi-Blonde Lightener with 30 volume on the level 4 and 5 areas, creating a deep V shape in every section. Leave out everything that was already blonde.

Step 2: Using equal parts of Wella Color Touch 7/0+7/89+6 Volume, low light on the blonde panel for dimension in one inch sections.

Step 3: Process for one hour at room temperature. Rinse.

Step 4: Tone the first 3 inches of hair with Wella Color Touch - 15 grams of 7/89 + 5 grams of 6/0 + .5 gram of Wella Koleston Perfect /66 + 1 gram of Wella Koleston Perfect /11 + 43 grams of 6 Volume.

Step 5: Tone the ends with Wella Color Touch - 30 grams 8/81 + 3 grams of 5/1 + .5 grams of Koleston Perfect /66 + 2 grams of Koleston Perfect /11 + 71 grams of 6 Volume.


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