FLO RIDA and Natalie La Rose Will Perform at Farouk's 2015 Cancun Conference!

Lauren Salapatek | June 19, 2015 | 7:34 AM

It’s time to get your dance on! It's just been recently announced that FLO RIDA and Natalie La Rose will be performing at the 19th annual Farouk Systems Cancun Conference, September 18-22, 2015. You can expect to catch their LIVE performances at the Welcome Party and during Gala Night.

The Art of Hairdressing Conference 2015 provides a unique, collaborative atmosphere where artists from around the world come together and share their passion for hairdressing and innovation. This biennial event includes trendsetting hair shows, international speakers, interactive classes and celebrity appearances.

Attendees will enjoy education and runway shows from world-renowned artists including Patrick Kalle, Maurice den Exter, Richard Jordan, Rocky Vitelli, Leonel Rodriguez, Anna Cantu, Joe Anthony Pena and other international artists.

Attend the conference today! Purchase either a 3-Day package or a 5-Day package.

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