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HOW-TO: Stunning Updo for Short-Haired Clients

Elizabeth Jakaitis | June 25, 2015 | 11:12 AM

Short hair is bold, elegant, flirty and sexy – but you just can’t do anything with it, right? Wrong! Hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek created a bold and elegant updo for Jaime Pressly, despite her short locks.

“For Jaime's look we wanted something glamourous but with a twist,” said Hanousek. “She loves her hair sleek but I wanted to see some texture, so I created her braided hawk.”

This updo is trendy, yet sophisticated, making it appropriate for a wide range of events. Knowing how to create a look like this one will make you well prepared the next time a bridal party comes in with a short-haired bridesmaid who has low expectations of what you can create. Or, when I client expresses concerns about going short because she loves wearing her hair up, assure her that it can be done and you’ll show her how.


Step 1: First, prep the hair with a few drops of CHI Argan plus Moringa Oil. Next, apply Farouk Royal Treatment Style Illumination and blowdry the top of the head with a vent brush, directing the hair up and towards the top of the head.

Stylist Tip: Be sure to catch the shorter hairs in back.

Step 2: Use a small round brush to refine the front hairline.

Step 3: Work a small amount of CHI Deep Brilliance Glisten into hands and work through the hair to smooth and add shine.

Step 4: To create her braided hawk, French braid the top of the head with medium tension, secure with a clear Blax Band, tuck the tail under and secure with bobby pins. Use hairpins to tighten and help everything lay flat to the head, then gently pull out the front hairline to add height and create texture.

Step 5: Using a tail comb and hair spray, smooth any flyaways.

Step 6: To control the short sides, use a few shots of spray wax and smooth with fingers. Finished her look with BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Firm Hold.

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