Artist Session 2015

Lauren Salapatek | June 30, 2015 | 11:43 PM
THE WANDERER: Heggy Gonzalez of the Aveda Institute, Provo, Utah, created what she calls “The Wanderer” for her first Artist Session, MODERN’s two-day photoshoot workshop in New York City. “Braids are on trend,” Gonzalez says, “but they are always on trend! I love the idea of taking a classic braid and transforming it. Braids invite fun. I love to customize the shape for the client, the hair and the fashion.” To learn more about capturing your own photoshoot (to be published in an upcoming issue of MODERN SALON), visit
Photo By Roberto Ligresti Photo 1 of 7
BOHO CHIC: When hairdresser Kayla Press and makeup artist Allie Zerbo heard about Artist Session, they asked if they could team up with both hair and makeup on a model to create a “festival” finish, inspired by Coachella and the other summer concerts, galas and celebrations. “We wanted to make her “young, hip and fresh,” Press says. For hair that meant “beach-y” and for makeup Zerbo wanted to keep the face “bohemian hipster.” To keep the hair loose but with structure, Press spent hours wrapping sections in a figure-8 around clothes hangers and then pressing with a flatiron. She placed a fishtail braid across the forehead and mini crimped throughout to add a feathered texture. For makeup, Zerbo created a dewy look buffed with an all-over bro
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BOHEMIAN BIKER: Melissa Johnson, the Artistic Director for ReVive in Allentown, Pennsylvania, created what she calls a “Bohemian Biker” for her first Artist Session workshop. “I love hippy chic but have my secret bad girl side which is biker chic,” she says. “The finish is highly accented with both suede and leather lacing and ornamentation. Johnson was assisted by Victoria Harring.
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CASUAL ELEGANCE: Adrian Gutierrez and guest Sandra Gallardo of the Free Spirit Salon in Alpharetta, Georgia, decided to create a simple and elegant look for their Artist Session finish. “Redheads are so romantic,” Gutierrez says. “When I saw her I originally wanted to enhance her waves, but I made it more modern with pastel accent pieces in pink, lavender, mint and ocean blue.”
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PINCURL EVOLUTION: Cosmo Easterly of Planet Cosmo, Ocala, Florida, wasn’t sure what he wanted to do at the last Artist Session (his third) until he arrived at the Water Street Studio for day one. “Did you see that building,” said Easterly, pointing to a silver steel high-rise across the street. “It’s so structured! I am going to create the ‘rounded’ version of that building. I want to show structure, the beauty of structure and the importance of precision in building, which works with hair as well. I love this inspiration.” Easterly, along with assistant Lily Marie Johnson, selected three models to show that structure along with the roundness and evolution of pin curls.
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PINCURL EVOLUTION: The artists “built” the shape using different base sizes in stand up pincurls. “Some curls were set off base, but all were directed to where I wanted them to fall,” says Easterly. Each model was then finished to show the beauty of the basic structure. “For the tighter finish I just unpinned and let gravity do its thing. For the second look I raked the hair with my fingers and for the third I brushed the hair. I love the power of this structure.”
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The Wanderer:

Photography: Roberto LIgresti
Make up: David Maderich
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto Nails: Amanda Smith, Essie Room With A View Fashion and accessories: Mara Hoffman

Boho Chic:

Photography: Roberto LIgresti Makeup: Allie Zerbo Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto Nails: Amanda Smith, Essie Tart Deco
Fashion: Free People

Bohemian Biker:

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for MAC Cosmetics Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto Fashion: Gucci

Casual Elegance:

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for MAC Cosmetics Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto
Fashion: BCBG

Pincurl Evolution:

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa assisted by Dennis Pinto Fashion: BCBG and Bebe

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