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One-On-One with Instagram Stylist Sensation Larisa Love

Victoria Wurdinger | July 3, 2015 | 7:40 AM
Instagram superstar Larisa Love

Do you have a question for independent stylist, color specialist and Instagram superstar Larisa Love?

Here, she answers questions on color line selection, protecting the integrity of hair, and dealing with chronically late clients.

Love, who was featured in the premier edition of SOLO ARTIST, recently launched a series of appearances and collaborations with CosmoProf. She appeared on the company’s behalf at the recent Premiere Show in Orlando, and is featured in a new column online at and in the monthly Shopper’s Guide. Here’s an exclusive look!

QUESTION: I am a new stylist and I was wondering if you could share how you get acquainted with the various color lines that you use. I have only used the line I learned in school, and I am looking to brachn out, but I’m not sure where to start. Did you take classes? Just try things on clients? Try them on yourself? How long did it take you to discover the products you absolutely love? Thank you so much! You are an amazing inspiration and I love what you do!—Jeana C.

LARISA LOVE ANSWERS: I literally took risks on myself, close friends and family by trying out every professional color line out there, as well as hair styling products. It is important to explore and go outside your boundaries and try something you normally wouldn’t. Don’t be afraid and have fun!

QUESTION: You are known for your vivids and the beautiful color that you do. How do you keep the hair looking so healthy and also get it so light?—Lindsay L.

LARISA LOVE ANSWERS: Olaplex is my secret weapon for lifting my clients several levels without compromising the integrity of the hair. If anything, clients’ hair feels better than before. The second step of the system is extremely important to close the cuticle and add moisture. Olaplex is definitely a game changer for me!

QUESTION: I find myself having multiple clients that arrive late to their hair appointment, and being the generous and forgiving stylist I am, I never can bring myself to say something to them about it. Do you enforce a late fee? Or, what do you say so the client understands they need to respect my time?—Sarah B.

LARISA LOVE ANSWERS: When I text my client the address to my salon, I always let them know about my policy, that if they are more than 20 minutes late, I will have to reschedule them. Otherwise, rest of my day will fall back and it’s not fair to toe rest of my clients. Be straight up and hones tiwth your cleints and let them know your policy. If they respect you, they will respect your policy. XO!

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