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Game Changers: Modern's 2015 'Who's Who' Guide to Industry Influencers

Alison Alhamed | July 31, 2015 | 11:46 AM
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Before social media, trends were showcased from a platform, down a runway or in a magazine spread. Now, the real trendsetters are the working professionals uploading their images to platforms like Instagram and YouTube, engaging live with their fan-doms on Periscope—and sending Snapchats to their audiences.

As community moderators and all-things social media obsessed, MODERN's team of editors pulled together our list of people you should follow—and who they’re following. You may recognize some of these names and faces, or you may have seen their work pop up in your newsfeed. Or, if you’ve never heard of them, consider this your “who’s who” guide to industry influencers.

Want to catch the eye of MODERN's editors? Make sure to follow @modernsalon on Instagram, Twitter and Periscope, and hashtag #modernsalon. And our team of editors (Alison Alhamed, Maggie Mulhern, Anne Moratto, Lauren Quick, Lauren Salapatek, Elizabeth Jakaitis and Jamie Newman) may just reach out to you for a feature!


Mustafa Avci: @hairsalonm @mustafasworkshop

Gina Atkinson: @ginaatkinson

Ash Fortis: @XoStylistXo

Cassandra DeRosa: @cassderosa

Iris Smith: @glamiris

Kimemily Pham: @excellenthairsalon

Lindsey Benitez: @LindseyBenitez

Linh Pham: @bescene

John Delgado: @mr_fineline

Jason Reyes: @iliketocuthair

Andrew Does Hair: @andrewdoeshair

Amanda Diedrich: @blohaute

Shai Amiel: @ShaiAmiel

Tamara (Charlie) Ravenscraft: @CharlieRstylistMT

Laura Kaszoni: @lalasupdos

Anh Co Tran: @anhcotran

Alix Maya Clymer: @thereal_omgiloveyourhair, @theunicorntribe,

Rob Pizzuti: @robpizzutidotcom

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