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HOW-TO: Hummingbird Hues

Jamie Newman | August 5, 2015 | 10:24 AM
Dana's Hummingbird Inspiration Photo
Photo By Dana Dautel Photo 1 of 3
Client's natural level 7 base
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Hummingbird-colored hair
Photo By Dana Dautel Photo 3 of 3

When the @UnicornTribe announced its next group collective, which was to spotlight artists’ strengths, tribe member Dana Dautel (@dana_lynn12) of Kraze Salon in Magnolia, New Jersey wanted to focus on her strong suit: capturing in her work the things that inspire her.

“My parents are both really into hummingbirds, and every time I go to visit them, I too get intrigued by the birds,” Dautel said. “I am always looking for inspiration for my work in the form of nature, so I decided to look up some species of hummingbirds online. The Green Violetear Hummingbird, native to South America, really caught my attention…Right away, I knew I was going to use this beautiful picture for my inspiration for the group collective.”

So for her hair transformation, Dautel took the ornate colors of the hummingbird’s feathers and transformed them into this jewel-toned creation.

STEP 1: The client was a natural level 7 base. “To maintain the health of her hair, I chose to lift her with a hi-lift blonde rather than lightener,” Dautel said. “I mixed 2oz Redken Color Fusion in 12AV with double 30 volume and 1/8 oz Olaplex No.1, applied roots to ends and processed for 35 minutes.”

STEP 2: “I then rinsed only and applied Olaplex No.2. I toned her hair with Redken Shades EQ 1/2oz 9N + 1/2 oz 9V and 1 oz processing solution. I processed for 2-3 minutes just to knock out any residual warm tones in the hair. Rinse, do not shampoo. Blow dry 80%. Spritz the hair with Joico Vero K-Pak HKP Porosity Equalizer. Comb through.”

STEP 3: Section hair into four sections: horizontally, at the occipital, down to the nape, and rounded the Mohawk section incorporating the crown. The remaining hair in the midsection was split down the middle from crown to occipital.

STEP 4: “I jused all Joico Vero K-Pak Color Intensities in shades Cobalt Blue, Peacock Green, Amethyst Purple and Yellow. Starting in the nape with horizontal 1/4 inch sectionings, I first applied Cobalt Blue at the root melting into Yellow on the ends. I continued this pattern for the rest of this section. Working into the midsections, I applied Peacock Green melted into Cobalt Blue, working in 1/4 inch diagonal forward sections. In the three middle subsections behind the ears on both sides is where I began to gradually incorporate the Amethyst Purple roots to ends.  Lastly in the mohawk section, I alternatingly applied Cobalt Blue melted into Yellow and Peacock Green melted into Yellow in 1/4 inch subsections.” Let this process for one hour. Then rinse really well in cold water. Do not shampoo.

STEP 5: Apply Joico Vero K-Pak Cuticle Sealer. Rinse. Condition. Rinse.

STEP 6: Apply Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Foam to roots and Joico Vero K-Pak Smoothing Balm to midshafts and ends. Blowdry using my Bioionic Whisper Light Blowdryer and Bioionic brushes.  

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