TRANSFORMATION: At Home Boo Boo To Professional Peacock

Maggie Mulhern | September 7, 2015 | 10:38 AM
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BEFORE: Home color job.
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Lifted before color application.
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The finished result.
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Kayla Becker (@hairbykaylasue) of Hair Cuttery in Dunkirk, Maryland, says "My favorite thing to do is the bright, vibrant, not so common colors." When she met with this client she had the chance to put that "favorite thing" to work.

"This client has only seen me once before this service. When she came to me the very first time her whole underneath was overprocessed and was completely breaking off due to an 'at home job'. She had black box dyed/salon dyed her hair for years. I was shocked by her 'inspiration' photo and immediately informed her that it would be a challenge to get the black out. She still insisted that I try and I agreed."

Here Becker shares HOW she met her client's expectations in 6 hours with beautiful results:

Step 1: Apply Redken Blonde Dimensions with 40 volume and Olaplex (making it 30 volume) to the ends. Process for 40 minutes (using heat for the last 5 minutes.)

Step 2: Rinse. Color was not budging so reapply using same formula.

Step 3: Apply the same bleach but use 20 volume near the roots, feathering up, but still keeping about 1/4 inch off scalp. Process for 30 minutes. Rinse.

Step 4: Apply Pravana Vivids Violet to the root. Then alternate Violet, Blue and Wild Orchid in 1/2 inch horizontal sub sections starting from nape, dropping out the Wild Orchid about every third section. Process for one hour and then rinse.

Step 5: Before shampooing applying Olaplex number 2 and process for 10 minutes. Rinse and shampoo with Redken Color Magnetics. Condition with Redken Frizz Dismiss.

Products used:
Redken Blonde Dimensions
Redken Color Magnetics shampoo
Redken Frizz Dismiss conditioner
Olaplex number 1
Olaplex number 2
Pravana Vivids--Violet, Blue and Wild Orchid

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