Formula How-To: Copper Queen by L'ANZA

Victoria Wurdinger | November 7, 2016 | 1:41 PM

In this how-to, two formulas collide on the same sectioning to create a healthy, copper finish. 


Natural level 5

Decolorizer: 30 g L’ANZA Healing Cream developer + 30 g 20-volume Healing Cream developer + 5 g Trauma Treatment

Formula 1: 7 CC + 30 g Demi Healing Cream Developer + 3 g Trauma Treatment

Formula 2: 15 g 100 + 15 g Translucent Color Catalyst + 30 g Demi Healing Cream Developer + 3 g Trauma Treatment

1. Decolorize beginning at the nape. Using foil and a balayage board, take fine, horizontal sections and apply the Decolorizer Formula. Once each section is complete, wrap in balayage film.

2. Once hair has reached desired lift, rinse and perform a L’anza Ultimate Treatment.

3. Starting in the nape, use foil and a balayage board and take fine, diagonal sections. Paint Formula 1 directly to new growth through to the first 1- 1 ½-inch of section. Continue to paint Formula 1 down right side of the section through ends.

4. Now take Formula 2 and paint remaining hair on left side of the section.

5. Feather the two sides of the section together with a clean brush.

6. Take another fine diagonal section and apply Formula 1 to the new growth, but apply to left side through ends. Feather Formula 2 from the right side into Formula 1. Continue throughout head.

Color: Leah Freeman for L’ANZA

Cut and finish: Ammon Carver

Photography: Richard Monsieurs


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