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Farouk Awards Sales Success

Anne Moratto | October 28, 2015 | 11:23 AM
Farouk Systems Executive Vice President of Sales Andre Chiavelli

From Sept. 18-22, thousands of stylists, distributors and media from around the world traveled to Mexico for Farouk Systems Inc.'s five-day conference at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun. This yearly event features runway shows, break-out classes, presentations, conversation and for Farouk distributors, an awards presentation.

Farouk Systems Executive Vice President of Sales Andre Chiavelli recognized those partners who are having tremendous success with the Farouk brand, internationally and nationally.

International Awards:  

CCD France - Highest Percent Increase Europe & International Highest Percent Increase in Sales

Anda International – Top New Distributor International

 CHI Turkey – Highest Percent Increase Middle East

Germany Gieseke Cosmetic Mediterranean Cruise—Best Show Event International

CHI Baltic—Best Educational Performance

CHI Lebannon, Fadi Mchanna – International Top Sales Director

Farouk Systems Polska--Best Education Support

CHI Palestine – International Highest New Distributor Purchases

Chatter Edmonton South Common – Best Overall Sales Volume

Italy Beauty Group SARL -- Best Show/Education Program

National Award Recipients:

CosmoProf East, Kim Staley—Highest Percentage Increase Stores Sales

CosmoProf East, Lisa Rogers—Highest Percentage Increase DSC Sales

CosmoProf West, Cathy Stockman—Highest Percentage Increase Stores Sales

CosmoProf West, Lori Morbach—Highest Percentage Increase DSC Sales

CosmoProf Canada, Candace Traub—Highest Store Sales

CosmoProf Canada, Nicole Wright—Highest Percentage Increase Store Sales

Armstrong McCall, Nathan and Melissa Nash —Highest Percentage Increase Store Sales

State Beauty Supply, Dane and Jennifer Harned —Highest Percentage Increase Store Sales



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