HOW-TO: Short & Spunky Rainbow Haircolor Styled 6 Ways!

Lauren Salapatek | November 23, 2015 | 10:23 AM
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Rainbow haircolor placement illustration
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Side view
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Side view with design added.
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"The cool thing about Haley's hair when it's colored like this is that it looks like feathers," says Goff.
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Haley's faded haircolor.
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"Everyone wants to see how Haley's color washed and faded, so here it is a month after we did it. Cold water and sulfate-free shampoo are all it takes," says Goff.
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"Haley colored her hair cherry red for homecoming and when the red all washed out, her rainbow was STILL THERE!!!" says Goff.
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This dramatic haircolor incorporates all the colors of the rainbow, and more! This look created by Haircolorist Ursula Goff recently went viral on her Instagram page @Uggoff – and you can see why.

Goff colored her client Haley’s hair using Manic Panic, Pravana and Joico color. She placed the color on the hair so that her spunky pixie could be styled in numerous ways! You can even see in the slideshow how the look faded over several weeks to pastel colors.

Check out Goff's website that features more of her work:

"This might look a bit complex, but is really not. Her back and sides are shaved, so we were working with a horseshoe shaped section that started at each temple and rounded out at the crown," says Goff.

Haley was pre-lightened to a level 10 with Joico VeroLight and 30 volume. "The hair was split into 3 parts with two horizontal lines. Each section was roughly the same in size – 2-3 inches wide. However, the colors remained in the same order in each section, so we had to be a little careful with the slicing and foiling to keep them lined up."

"It wouldn’t be catastrophic if you didn’t keep them perfectly aligned, though – in fact, it might even look better!" she says. "I just wanted a distinct zig-zag pattern for this, so if that is also what you’re going for, make sure the colors line up."

Goff also took Haley's hair growth pattern into account. "Haley's hair grew at about a 45 degree angle, so I made sure the top and bottom sections were parallel to that, while the middle section was roughly perpendicular to that. You could adjust as needed to fit your clients’ variations in growth patterns."


Joico Intensity Amethyst
Manic Panic Voodoo Blue
Manic Panic Electric Lizard
Pravana Neon Yellow
Orange - approximately 1 ounce
Pravana Neon Yellow + 6 drops Special Effects Cherry Bomb
Coral – 3 parts conditioner + 2 Parts Special Effects Cherry Bomb
Special Effects Atomic Pink

"The hair was sliced very thin in order for there to be more complexity of color," says Goff. "Yellow sections were left a little larger to accommodate for any potential bleeding. I also freehand painted a matching design on her sides and back, but that’s obviously optional; it looked just as striking with blonde sides."

"As with all vivids, we rinsed with cold water, skipped the shampoo, conditioned, and blow dried. She uses sulfate free shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times weekly."

"This pattern can be modified with the colors and/or brands of your choosing. These sections will create beautiful and interesting effects with almost any color combination, so long as you are taking the client’s growth pattern into account correctly, although minor variations could still lead to some cool new effects. Experimentation is always encouraged!"

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