TRANSFORMATION: Kind Of Virgin To Dimensional Fun

Maggie Mulhern | March 9, 2016 | 5:32 AM
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Carli Ambrose (@lowlightsandleopard), a Goldwell Artist based at Jonathan Williams Salon and Spa, Provincetown MA, says "Between Goldwell's ColorZoom and recently becoming a member of the Unicorn Tribe, I am blessed to be inspired constantly. The inspiration is the fun part, finding the client can be the hard part. My advice for finding this client is to introduce your existing clients that you think have the look and lifestyle to carry these colors into the idea slowly, with a peek-a-boo or newer trends like underlights. Then market yourself. Use social media. Once the word gets around town, that client will start to seek you out as well. Either way remember to feed your creative side, it reminds us why we started in the first place."

When we saw this transformation on her IG page we tracked Ambrose down to learn more.

"This client started off with a few faded peek-a-boo pieces but aside from that I was fortunate to be starting with virgin hair. She noticed other fun colors on my Instagram page and direct messaged me about doing something more extreme. I had very little to no damage, no haircut was necessary. The telltale is always when you brush the hair right?! I had no breakage and only a few stray hairs in the brush. In all it took about 6.5 hours."

STEP 1: Lighten with Goldwell Silk Lift and 6% on her roots and 9% on her ends, applying at the same time.  Silk Lift serum was used in both mixtures.

STEP 2: Process for one hour and then rinse, shampoo and condition with Goldwell Dualsenses for Blonde and Highlighted hair.

STEP 3: Towel dry the hair and immediately apply another round of lightener.

STEP 4: Apply Goldwell Silk Lift and 9% with the Silk Lift Intensive Conditioning Serum. Process or 45 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition with Goldwell Dualsenses for Blonde and Highlighted hair. Towel dry the hair and apply Goldwell Color Lock Serum.

STEP 5: Tone using the Goldwell pastel toning method:

50ml distilled water

50ml Topchic 3%

25ml 10V

25ml 10A

STEP 6: Process for 30 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition with Goldwell Dualsenses for Blonde and Highlighted hair. Dry the hair.

STEP 7: To add dimension "We didn't go in with too strict of a game plan because we weren't sure how light we would get in one sitting but knew we didn't want to lose any length over it. Keeping in mind the long term goal is silver and purples we decided to go for pinks and purples for now. Having realistic goals when it comes to pure tones and fashions colors is key. I formulated based on the remaining warmth that was left in the hair, realistically we were only able to get to a beige-y blonde." 

Using Goldwell Elumen, apply in a free form application technique. Alternate these formulas and no planned pattern, processing according to manufacturers instructions:

Formula A

80ml [email protected]

20ml [email protected]

Formula B

50ml [email protected]

10ml [email protected]

10ml [email protected]

Formula C

50ml [email protected]

10ml [email protected]

10ml clear

"She left with Goldwell Elumen wash and treat to maintain her color at home. As well as KMS quick blow dry spray and KMS hot flex creme to protect while styling."



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