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How to Manage Your Business Online and in a Mobile World

Lauren Salapatek | March 13, 2016 | 4:08 AM
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With the hundreds of classes that take place at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, one of the first to kick off the event was a class called, How to Manage Your Business in a Mobile World by Millennium Systems International’s Micah Harms.

Harms touched on topics like gift cards, online booking, accessibility for your clients, accessibility within your business and more.

Some stats and highlights:

GIFT CARDS: Offering online gift cards can bring in more revenue for your business. Did you know that 72 percent of gift card holders spend more than the value of their gift card? Or that the average amount loaded onto an online gift card is around 10-15% more than a plastic gift card?

Surprisingly, 30 percent of liabilities are never redeemed! Harms advises that you should run a report in your salon or spa software that will show your remaining gift card liabilities that are about to expire. You can then reach out to these gift card holders via email, phone or text, reminding them to redeem the gift card before it’s too late. Not only will this get the client back into your salon or spa, but it will also most likely exceed your customers’ expectations and make them remember why they love your business.  

ONLINE BOOKING: Online booking can do wonders for your front desk. It frees them up to offer better customer service to your guests in-house and also to reach out to overdue guests and guests with liabilities about to expire. It also frees them up to do confirmations to cut down on no-shows.

Harms also touched on the importance of having a points and rewards system to influence client loyalty and behaviors (like rebooking). "70 percent of customers agree they would modify when and where they make purchases in order to maximize the benefits they receive,” says Harms.

Millennium recommends to salon owners and professionals to make accessibility easy for your clients by using their software like MillenniumGO, Remote Business or My Meevo (cloud-based salon software).

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