Gem Of A Transformation For A Gem Of A Client

Maggie Mulhern | April 8, 2016 | 11:11 AM
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"My client - or gem, as I refer to them - is the daughter of another gem of mine," says Ang Holland (@hairbyangholland ) of Pricilla's Hair N Nail Salon, Peru, Indiana. "She's 15, and her mom is all about letting her express herself. So she has been almost every color of the rainbow with her hair! However, has always done it herself. She would lighten herself, every time, and bounced between Splat! and Manic Panic. Yikes! Her hair had gotten to a point of damage that, even the mom knew, it was time for professional help! I was sent ideas from mom and daughter, both on cut and color scheme. And the gem knew, her hair was going to need a full blown makeover, and this mean't cutting." 

Both mother and daughter came in for the appointment. "We all discussed what needed to be done, what was going to be done, and why. I was given free rein to just get in my zone, and do what I thought was best."

Here Holland shares the HOW TO in her own words:

"I started off creating what I call a 'foundation cut'. It allows me to better see my vision of the end product. I took pics of this step, because sometimes people come in, flustered with their hair/haircolor and just want to color it all and be done, when honestly, just a cut can bring the hair and its color back to life!

Next, I sectioned the hair off on top, rest of hair down. I used Kenra 2N for top section, and created a shadow root as well. I then went from ends, slightly into the 2N, with Schwarzkopf BlondMe with 20 volume, to pre-lighten and break up that green (which was 2 shades of a Manic Panic). Process time on this was about 40 minutes. I then rinsed, and went back through with a few snips to get any more ends that needed gone. Sectioned solid color top off, left it wet. Dried lightened areas and went through with Joico Color Intensity (my faaaaaave!) in Sapphire, Peacock Green, Magenta, and Amethyst. I just got in my zone, and painted. Random, ombred, and solid pieces. I left that on, covered in foils, for 25 minutes. We rinsed and I used Big Sexy Hair Color Lock and left on for 5 minutes. Rinsed and then went through, fine tuning the hair cut, and it's edges, making sure every twist and turn would create a different effect. We started at 12:30 pm, and were done a little after 6pm, but so worth it!"

Adds Holland, "I always say 'I'm not the fastest horse in the race, but damn, that mane looks good at the finish line!'" 

Holland says she is "living the dream. I just love hair. I want people to feel amazing about themselves. I just want to share my visions, and works of art, with whoever will look at it, and I want to make my kids proud. I am blessed beyond words, and thankful beyond even more."


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