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Anthony Melzi New at JD Beauty Group

Anne Moratto | April 14, 2016 | 9:33 AM
Anthony Melzi joins JD Beauty Group as Executive Vice President of Sales.

Anthony Melzi joins JD Beauty Group, leading marketers and manufacturers of professional beauty products, as Executive Vice President of Sales.  In this role Melzi will oversee all domestic and international sales and sales strategies.

Melzi, who has worked for companies like Everlast, Under Armour, Mission Athletecare and Adidas Kids, bring his sales, marketing and merchandising expertise in the consumer product arena to JD Beauty Group.  

According to the press release issued by JD Beauty Group: "His experience building and cultivating sales strategies across all distribution channels, scaling businesses and delivering both top and bottom line results will help sustain and strengthen the unprecedented growth that JD Beauty is currently experiencing.  In the past three years, JD Beauty Group has experienced 1000% growth."

Melzi says, “I am extremely excited to be a part of the JDB family during this pinnacle timeframe and believe we are poised for expansive growth in both the Wet Brush branded product line as well as the additional JDB product portfolio.  JD Beauty has an unbelievable heritage dating back over 30 years and our focus is to continue to be the leaders in the beauty and hair care space and continue to offer best in class service to our existing and new partners.  It is great to be a part of a team and brand that is dedicated to excellence and provides the market with great product that truly functions and performs.  I am very encouraged by the opportunity and am eager to help the continued success of the JD Beauty and Wet Brush brands.”

JD Beauty Group is one of the leading marketers and manufacturers of professional beauty products.  Based in New York and launched in 1977, JD Beauty Group has launched some of the industry’s most recognizable and innovative brands and products such as Luxor Pro, Lure, and TS-2.  Most notable though, is JD Beauty Group’s Wet Brush - a brand that has single handedly changed the hairbrush category with its namesake detangling hairbrush.  Sold in over 70 countries, there are 18 Wet Brushes sold per minute around the world.  JD Beauty Group promises high quality and innovative products that help salon professionals deliver beautiful and professional results.


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