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Silver Fox: Not a Sprint But a Trot

Anne Moratto | May 5, 2016 | 1:20 PM
Final phase

Camille Gladney Schmoutz (@nebulacamille), a self-described "Hair Sorceress" in Shreveport, LA, does a fabulous job of illustrating her client's color journey with these posts on Instagram.

The photo at the bottom shows the start of the process, when her client presented with her naturally dark hair.

"This is a realistic timeline for going silver or platinum slowly but surely and having fun playing with pastels in between," says Schmoutz. "I've found that when working with hair that has an abundance of natural pigment like in photo 1 (below) lavenders work better for neutralizing the remaining yellow undertones. This makes perfect sense, of course, because violet and yellow are complimentary colors according to color theory. Anyway, the lavender fades to a nice pale blonde which creates the perfect palette for silver. Patience is key! It is a fun look to rock while hair rests between lightening."  

FORMULA and STEPS (for the last phase of faded lavender to platinum)

 STEP ONE: Matrix Light Master Bleach with 40 volume to lift her natural level 2 regrowth and pulled it through the midstrand area to lift the previous color.

STEP TWO: Toned with Lakme Silver which I continuously worked through the hair at the bowl for even saturation.

"I love this anime style look on her. Plus her pixie is growing into a great shag,"says Schmoutz. 



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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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