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Blonde Color Trends for Summer 2016

Jamie Newman | May 18, 2016 | 9:16 AM
Photo By Headdress Salon

With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, the unoffical start to sweet summer is only a few short weeks away. That means, yet again, clients will be coming in to get lighter and brighter sunkissed color. Laura Williams, colorist at Headdress Salon in New York City tells us if your client has always dabbled with going blonde, this is the season to do it. She shows us two of her favorite shades for this summer: golden blonde and mushroom blonde. 


"Forget subtle," William says. "A sparkly golden blonde shade is perfect for women with lightly tanned, even skin tone. This trend is perfect for a client who wants to look like she just got back from the beach and her hair naturally picked up highlights. The layered shade incorporates honey blonde hues with shots of platinum blonde. It’s perfect for catching that summer sunlight. Our colorists love that this color boasts elegance and character, and can be worn in combination with a sleek bob or a straight ponytail."


"A low maintenance color, mushroom blonde is perfect for those looking for minimal upkeep," Williams says. "This dark, muted blonde shade with wispy highlights of honey, platinum and sandy-colored hair is perfect for summer. Avoid a stripy look by adding in highlights that are only a tone or two lighter than the client's base color. This natural, universally flattering dirty blonde hue is perfectly blended to give clients a summery look that can work well into fall and winter too.”


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