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Stormy Weather: Wella Formula and How-To

Anne Moratto | June 3, 2016 | 11:17 AM

Michael Haase (@mmhaase), owner of  Salon Platinum Black, Los Angeles, is a Wella Professionals artist and educator, an editorial stylist and a creative hair designer who was inspired to formulate this finish by the sight of a televised storm. Haase performed both the cut and the color and shares his process below."


The piece came to mind oddly enough watching the news one night and viewing all the tornado action around the country," Haase says. "I came up with a cut in the shape of a funnel. The color needed to really show metallic strength and lights and darks presented in chaos."



After the cut, the hair (at level 6)  was painted with Freelights and 9% in an Ecaille or chess board pattern. It needed to be different, yet gentle, for visual effect and have all the colors be painted from roots to ends without showing any lines of demarcation."

Formulas/ Wella Professional


A. 10/0 + 9/1 + 55/66 + 0/00 + 4%

B. 10/95 + 0/00 + Pastel 

Illumina Color

C. 10/38 + 8/13 + 9/60 + 4%

Koleston Perfect

D. 5/71 + 2/0 + 3%

STEP 1: After the hair was washed, conditioned and dried from the lightening, chess board sections were taken and painted from roots to end randomly using colors and C

STEP 2: A crown application in the shape of an 8 point star with extremely thin points to the ends of the hair was painted with color D.

STEP 3:  To finish, a gloss with color was applied for shine and effect.

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Hair Color Trends
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