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Healthy Hairdresser Hero: Kelsey Higginbotham

July 6, 2016 | 2:18 AM

Like many hairdressers, Fuel educator Kelsey Higginbotham finds that one of the toughest challenges in this business is carving out time to relax.

“I have been trying to make sure I take alone time to do something that makes me happy,” says Higginbotham, who has five years in the industry as a full-time stylist and also is an educator for this month’s Healthy Hairdresser sponsor, Fuel. “It’s a way to clear my mind and decompress.”

Higginbotham enjoys a glass of wine after a long shift but says she’s really bad at pampering herself.

When I do, I so enjoy it,” she says. “Note to self: pamper more!” We interrupted Higginbotham’s down time to ask her to share a little more with MODERN.

Healthy role model: Eden Sassoon is such an inspiration—she is ripped, healthy and happy.
Best-tasting healthy food: Veggies and dip.
Guilty pleasure: Bad reality shows—I can binge watch with the best of them. Favorite exercise: Yoga. The stretch is so good after a week of being on my feet all day.
Favorite time of day to exercise: I try to get it done in the morning. Especially on days off, it’s a great way to start the day.
Body position you’d like to see hairdressers correct: The hunchback. Our chairs move for a good reason, and we should utilize that more. Working shoes: I wear what is comfy and love a good pair of boots!
Journal? Meditate? Pray? All of the above. I have journaled for as long as I can remember. I was a writer/editor in my first life, so it’s in my blood. Where you’d love to be right now: At home, somewhere tropical or on stage.
You save money on: Clothes. I’m such a bargain shopper. Most of my clothes are bound to get haircolor on them. Way to recruit new clients: I have the best clients who spread the word and bring me amazing referrals.
Your health role model: Anyone who lives a truly happy and healthy life. I follow a lot of yogis for healthy moments.
Your emotional rock: Chris, my boyfriend. He has been so good to me and so supportive of my crazy goals and travel schedule.
Your professional mentors: Joseph and Tonya Cuozzo are two of my favorite artists, and they’re generous teachers.

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