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#9 of the Top 10 Things You Should (or Should Not) Say to a Male Client

Ivan Zoot | August 1, 2016 | 10:21 AM


This is number 9 in a 10-installment blog series of the top 10 things you should say, ask or tell (or should not) when consulting, selling to or interacting with a male client.


"Your sideburns should be here."


Sideburns used to be an element of fashion, trend and style.  There was a “right now” and a “right way” to wear sideburns.  Looking at old pictures from the 1970s, 1980s or any other decade will show a dominant style.  Those days are over.


Sideburns have grown up (or down) in the last decade or so.  Sideburns are no longer an element of trend but now an element of personalization of individual style.  A talented men’s haircutter should be able to look at a guy, look at his hair and look at his face and immediately know exactly where his sideburns should be to complete and compliment the look and the specific client.


I might venture to say sideburns are “anything goes”, but the better description is “right is right”.  The right sideburn length completes a haircut, frames a face and finalizes a style.  We have all seen a great look killed by the wrong sideburn.  The client prefers them one way which simply looks out of balance with a change in the haircut.


Work to develop your eye in guy style, facial balance and proper sideburn length.  Then simply tell the client where they belong or don’t.  Take the initiative to put them where they belong and then show and tell the client why the aesthetic choice has been made.  The overwhelming majority of your clients will appreciate your knowledge, directness and direction.  Take charge of their image and they will love you (and well compensate you) for it.


For the few, rare instances where this is really bad advice, do not worry.  You will know very clearly long before you get to the sideburn portion of the haircut if a male client wishes to call all his shots.  He will have provided clear direction and instruction on virtually every element of the haircut from the very beginning.  Sideburns will be included in this instructional dialog.  You can then choose to follow his request or engage him in a style and choices debate. Either way you come off as the knowledgeable pro.

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