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Channeling Style: The Launch of Beauty Coach TV

Anne Moratto | August 1, 2016 | 3:53 PM
Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee

The Wunderkinds behind uber-successful salons NineZeroOne and 901too, Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, recently launched Beauty Coach TV or BCTV, a mobile platform for sharing their tips, tricks, trends, tutorials and teaching. The duo have traveled the country taking their Beauty Coach classes on tour but they needed a digital answer to being everywhere, all the time. Launched on Monday, July 11, BCTV features to-the-point education videos, and it will continue to evolve, with guest artists, Facebook Live real-time coaching sessions, relevant advice and more.

“We were getting requests for our Beauty Coach education from salons and stylists across the country but, realistically, we can’t travel to every single state to teach,” Capri says. “Nikki and I went online looking to see what kind of education was available and, frankly, it was not good. One paid online class we watched was a PowerPoint, nothing more. It seemed clear that there was something missing in the market and we knew, as hairstylists, that it’s all about packaging a lot into a little bit of time so we are making our learning quick, fast-paced and practical.”

The videos will be 10 to 30 minutes and the launch video is “The Perfect Blowdry,” something every stylist wants to learn.  

“The beauty of BCTV is that you can get education when you want it, where you want it,” Lee says. “We heard from a mother of three kids who was so grateful for what is being offered with BCTV because she just can’t travel to attend education. This is something she can watch at home, it’s affordable and she can learn at her own pace.”

There are subscription options, both standard and premium, or per-class options. New videos will launch each Monday. And while Capri and Lee will continue their travels, BCTV will be a platform for their community of artists to continue to learn and grow as beauty professionals.

“Riawna and I have been assistants, stylists and owners so we can relate to everyone,” Lee says. “We are going to share things that have worked for us, while helping them stay current and grow their business.”




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