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#10 of the Top 10 Things You Should (or Should Not) Say To A Male Client

Ivan Zoot | August 10, 2016 | 9:29 AM

This is number 10 in a 10-installment blog series of the top 10 things you should say, ask or tell (or should not) when consulting, selling to or interacting with a male client.


Come in between haircuts for a FREE neck clean up.


Neck clean-ups should be FREE or they should not.  Either way all your male clients should know where you stand on this service issue.  It is a matter of marketing.  It is a matter of pricing.  It is a matter of service.  It is a matter of relationship.


You are priced low enough to be a value provider, in which case a neck clean-up is a small fee service to be consumed between full haircuts.  Otherwise you are priced premium in such a way that this small service can be offered up as a luxury between-visit bonus.


This is a great example of taking the forethought to clarify who you are and what your business is.  This is where you have the chance to communicate how you wish to serve clients and how you wish for guys to engage with you.


This is a great example of a dialog to connect and build relationship.  At the end of the day we are cutting guys hair, but more importantly we are building and maintaining relationships with clients and the community.  If you want to explode your income and build your business faster and farther perhaps you should take one less haircutting class and sit in on one more psychology seminar.

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