Achieve Your Dreams: Go for the Gold

Lauren Salapatek | August 25, 2016 | 8:21 AM
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Adam Bogucki, owner of Lumination Salon
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Alix Maya, owner of Unicorn Tribe Salon
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Brandie Kekoa, owner of Be Kekoa Salon
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So there’s a little hype right now. World-class athletes competing in an international arena at the top of their games... Know anything about it? #Olympics. #Winning.

They’ve trained. They’ve competed. And now they’re going for the gold. And we’re watching with hashtags at the ready.

For us, as stylists, there may not be a podium, or a torch, but we train and we strive to be at the top of our games too. #CareerGoals.

We might not have commentators whispering the play-by-play of a buzz cut or a balayage, but we do have FANS.

They’re our clients, and they’re more valuable than gold.

So, how do we best take care of those clients? From our own chairs and in our own salons. Just take it from these Sola Salon Studios success stories. They went for their goal, and they got the gold. You can, too.


Adam Bogucki

How does Adam go for his goal? He focuses solely on the client in his intimate Lumination Salon. “Unlike a traditional salon setting, there is nothing that takes my attention away from my clients.”

Sola changed the mold of what Adam thinks a salon should look like. “It’s definitely different than the traditional salon—it provides me with flexibility and my clients with more pampering and privacy.”

Privacy that he didn’t even know he needed. “I didn’t think I would ever do a studio. I always thought I needed to be in a big salon, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.”

With Sola, Adam has the flexibility to make his own schedule and to achieve his dream of being a hairdresser and an educator. To him, that’s golden.


Alix Maya

Alix’s career goal? Freedom to prosper from her own hard work. “I wanted to be self-sufficient, make my own money and keep my own money. At Sola, whatever I put in – I get back.”

Instead of succeeding at the pace of her teammates, whether they were motivated or not – Alix can shine. “Sola doesn’t keep stars held back.”

At her Unicorn Tribe Salon, Alix creates for her clients what she wants to create ­–and she takes the time to do it. She caters to her clients at a totally different level, and she brings them the best in cutting-edge color and skill. And it pays off.

“I’ve been with Sola for only about a year and my income has tripled.” Now if that’s not golden, what is?


Brandie Kekoa

Brandie has always known her #1 goal: have a successful product line. And she knew she could achieve it with Sola.

Before starting her Be Kekoa Salon, Brandie had a few items – not a complete line. “I was able to set my own schedule, so I could work on my own line.” And with a double studio, she brought in another stylist to share the cost of the suite and give her the flexibility to grow her product line.

“Why not shoot for those goals and go for the gold? If you don’t try things in life, you will never know. By taking a leap, you’re already winning.”


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