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Hope Floats: Beauty Pros Respond to Flood Victims in Louisiana

Heather Smith | August 25, 2016 | 12:45 PM

This is what happens when we take care of each other.

The devastating flooding in Louisiana has resulted in hundreds of hairdressers and beauty industry professionals with flooded homes, destroyed businesses, and personal property loss.  Ahhhh…..But I said HAIRDRESSERS and BEAUTY INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS… the most resilient people on the planet.

08.21.2016 12:02pm via phone to Styles Salon Denham Springs, LA
“Natalie, my name is Heather, you don’t know me, we do your website. Are y’all ok?

08.21.2016 5:16pm Denham Blue Facebook was created
First Post:
I called a salon in Denham Springs, LA this afternoon at 12:02PM, they're flooded. We have to help them.

08.21.2016 7:44pm
Second Post
Y'all - there are other salons in need that will be posting here too. 
Salons and stylist - we're all here to help. Who are you and what do you need?

Today is 08.24.2016. In 3ish days, there are 1,198 members on the Facebook page, $4,400.00 donated on gofundme/denhamblue.

Scores of flood impacted stylists and salon owners have been connected with strangers asking, “How can I help?” The hundreds and hundreds of messages received sound like this:

“I have shears I can send” 
“Does anyone need a hydraulic chair?”
“Where can I ship product to?”
“I can take another person” 
“I have capes “ 
“We have 3 cases of blow dryers  en route” 
“What else do they need... Besides everything?”
“We’re sending items from Boulder/Denver”
“What do they need? When do they need it? Where do we send it?”
“I have shears...I have thinning shears... where do I send them?”
“Please connect me to a stylist and I would love to help!”

The garage full of product that has been delivered will get trucked up and driven to Denham Springs on Saturday where there is another storage facility full of shipped product. We’ll start distribution as soon as we can over the weekend and on Monday.

I’ve said, “This is unbelievable” many times since Sunday. But, it’s not. It’s absolutely believable. This industry, these people, these flooded out, no salon, no home, everything washed away people are amazing. Their strength, hope, and perseverance are the quintessential ingredients that make our industry incredible.

We may have to sleep in my truck and run away from a big ol’ alligator this weekend. And I heard there might be a hurricane brewing – We’re not scared. Well, I am kinda’, of the alligator part. It will absolutely be worth it!

Tons of love to these Louisiana Angels, let’s get after it, get ya’ll back to work, and Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Heather Smith

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