Makeover: Pastel Rainbow Shadow Roots

Maggie Mulhern | September 25, 2016 | 9:02 AM

Kenna Dupuis (@kennaleeann_hairstylist)  put together a look meant to "turn heads" on co-worker Hannah McKay (@dolledupbyhannah). 

Hannah came to Kenna with an idea of doing pastel rainbow roots. They bounced ideas off one another to make sure that the hair would look great no matter where Hannah parted her hair. After considering many different techniques, they decided to combine their two favorites. Hannah formulated the pastel colors and then Kenna made her idea become a reality. 

Hair was pre-lightened by @jeswaringhair 

Styling done by @courtneyymclaren 


Step 1: Pre-lighten, lifting to level 9/10, with Goldwell Silklift and 20 volume, blended with Olaplex. Tone with Wella T-18.

Step 2: Prepare the colors:

-Pulp Riot Blush with Clear

-Pulp Riot Pink, Yellow with Clear (for the orange)

-Pulp Riot Lemon and Clear (for yellow)

-Pravana Mint and Blissful Blue with Pulp Rio Sea Glass (for mint)

-Pulp Riot powder Blue with Pravana Blissful Blue (for blue)

-Pulp Riot Lilac (for lilac)

Mix according to what you see in the bowl and starting level, adding less Clear in the mixtures if it is on a level 9.

Step 3: For face-framing, take a 2 inch headband around the face and apply 2 complete rainbows in an arch in 1/2 inch diagonal back slices.

Step 4: Along the top, section out the entire crown (this will change based on how they wear their part. Make sure to grab enough hair to cover an inch on each side of where she wears her part on both sides). Moving across the top of the head, apply the colors in steep diagonal slices using plastic wrap to sepearate each shadow root. Completely saturate an inch or however long you want to do the root and feather down. Once completely done with the top, section out the bottom moving across the entire head from right to left in 1/2 inch diagonal back slices.

Step 5: Process for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with cold water. Condition the hair.



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