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6 Tips for Cutting Kids' Hair from Cozy Friedman of SoCozy Kids Haircare

Jamie Newman | September 28, 2016 | 10:08 AM
SoCozy Founder Cozy Friedman (photo credit: SoCozy)
Photo By SoCozy

Cozy Friedman is the founder of SoCozy Kids Haircare, and the first children's hair salons in New York City more than 20 years ago. 

From the products to the service, Friedman knows kids haircuts. Here, Friedman offers her tips and techniques for cutting children's hair.

The atmosphere."Creating a fun-filled atmosphere for our clients is the first step to a successful kid’s haircut; it’s the reason I started Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, making it an inviting space for children and incorporating a toy store within the salon," Friedman says. 

Distractions. "As I always say, the three most important needs for a successful child’s haircut are distraction, distraction, distraction," she says. "I wanted to make sure the salon catered to that need with car styling chairs, toys, TVs, books, balloons and of course, lollipops. Our little clients are able to choose a video to watch or video game to play while getting their haircut, which ensures they’re distracted once the cutting begins."

Training is key. "My stylists at Cozy’s Cuts for Kids are specially trained to work with even the youngest of clients, and understand all the tricks of the trade to get the job done right," Friedman says. "Not every hairstylist is prepared to work with kids, and it’s important to know that our stylists undergo extensive training to ensure it’s the right fit. I have been lucky enough to say that most of my stylists have been with me for 15 years or more."

Adapt to your client. "It’s important to realize that each little client has a unique set of needs, and therefore each needs to be approached in a different manner," she says. "My stylists don’t have a cookie cutter approach to haircuts, instead they read the situation at-hand and are trained to know how to react accordingly."

Utilize your products. "Just as the atmosphere is important, so are the products you use," Friedman says. "The key is to use an effective detangler like the SoCozy Cinch Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner when combing and cutting hair. A child often doesn’t understand that cutting hair doesn’t hurt. Therefore, hair should be completely detangled before the cutting starts, to make the process as easy as possible. We want to ensure they have a painless experience."

Part hair down the center. "Kids move. A lot," she says. "Their hair should be cut when it’s wet and while in a center part, to ensure a precise result. Even when the child wears a side part, when cutting, hair should be down the middle to guarantee hair is cut even."


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