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HOW-TO: Sebastian Professional's Sonic Curve Look

Lauren Salapatek | February 28, 2014 | 2:25 PM
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Sonic Curve
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This year Sebastian Professional launches hair into the digital age. The latest techniques create new-to-the-eye-styles and futuristic shapes with their new EvoTech collection. "The collection is very new--each look is multidimensional, every style is transformable. These strong, textured shapes can be accentuated and expanded to create something different," says Shay Dempsey, Sebastian Global Art Director.

"The digital age has changed the relationship between stylist and client--everyone is so connected through technology, and they can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. People want to be able to transform their hair when they want: on-demand," says Michael Polsinelli, Sebastian Global Art Director.

With the idea for EvoTech up and running, Michael and Shay set to work on bringing their vision to life looking to Warren Du Preez and Nick Thorton Jones to find a way of making their styles come to life through photographic invention with technical precision and artistry. Here, is one of four looks in the EvoTech collection: Sonic Curve.

Styling Steps:

STEP 1: After the hair was blow dried straight, the roots of the hair were bent at the top using small flatirons and Re-Shaper.

STEP 2: A horizontal parting was then taken 1 1/2" away from the front hairline. The cylindrical form was then placed on the parting and pinned securely in place.

STEP 3: The roots of the first section were gently back-brushed, placed over the form and fixed in place using the Cinching Technique.

STEP 4: The same technique was repeated to build two more shapes on the top, placed one after the other.

STEP 5: The look was finished by creating texture at the back: Texture Maker was sprayed to the roots and blow dried, before the hair was gently back-brushed and defined by hand. Re-Shaper was used to fix the movement.

**CINCHING TECHNIQUE: def. Versatile shapefixing technique used for different textures (sleek or rough). A smart and fast way to secure any shape with one movement, using an elastic band and two bobby pins.

PRODUCTS USED: Sebastian Sapphire Blue Cellophanes, Re-Shaper, Texture Maker

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