10 Commandments of Curly Hair

Chandler Rollins | April 3, 2014 | 3:15 PM

10 Commandments of Curly Hair

In honor of Eufora’s new Curl ’n products, Eufora educator, Dana Hodges, blesses MODERN with her 10 Commandments for curly hair. (Check out our article on the Curl'n line here.)

1. TOO MUCH TOUCHING. Curly hair does not react well to touch. Actually the more we run our hands through the bouncy locks, the more we rough up the cuticle layer, causing more frizz and collapsing the curl.

2. DRINK UP. Curls need moisture! LOTS of moisture. When searching for curly hair products look for brands featuring high quality ingredients with a variety of oils to leave curly hair feeling vibrant and luxurious.

3. THE MORE THE MERRIER. Layering products creates a great effect for curls. For example, start with a leave in conditioner to balance the hair's moisture and eliminate frizz then go to a defining product to add fullness and movement rather than cocktailing the two together each product serves a purpose!

4. NO WET DOG LOOK. The infamous scrunch look is not desired by many but ends up being the result. No one with natural curls should look like they were left out in the rain.

5. WATCH OUT FOR THE LENGTH. Curly hair can be deceiving because you won't notice the growth until your client asks for that "once in a blue moon" blowout, but the dead ends are still there and need to come off. A regular trim will bring back shape and life to the style.

6. BE AWARE. Not all curls are equal! Growth patterns and texture are different all over the head but especially with curls. Use products that not only enhance curls where needed, but also tame frizz elsewhere.

7. START FRESH. Product build up will cause curls to loosen or flatten out. This will happen with any hair type. But when you notice your clients' curls just aren't springing up like normal, make sure to cleanse the hair thoroughly prior to styling and check for waxes and silicones on the ingredient list of their at home product regimen.

8. CONFIDENCE IS KEY. For clients going natural, they are looking for you to validate their decision. They've got to embrace what is natural.

9. BRUSHES STAY BACK. Brushing curly hair is not always necessary. Opt for a microfiber towel instead to blot dry and then continue to apply product.

10. EDUCATION. 65% of women have curl or wave in their hair! It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest in texture education.

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