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HOW-TO: Spicy Shade-on-Shade Brunette by Beth Minardi

Victoria Wurdinger | April 15, 2014 | 1:02 PM

Beth Minardi

Innovator and Creator of Minardi Luxury Color Care and Beth Minardi Signature

THE VISION: A spicy shade-on-shade brunette with added interest and dimension that comes from lightening and gently warming select strands.


Natural Level 2/3

Formula 1: 2 oz. 5BB with 2 oz. 20-volume developer

Formula 2: 2 oz. 6NCB with 2 oz. 20-volume developer

Formula 3: 2 oz. 9BG with 2 oz. 20-volume developer

Step 1: Alternately weave and slice select strands, as you alternate the three formulas throughout the head. Concentrate a higher population of lighter tones (Formula 3) around the face. Use Beth Minardi Artist Size Foils (7x14”) for the longer lengths and shorter foils on opposing angles surrounding the face.

Step 2: After completing the last foil, process 30 minutes at room temperature. Then rinse, shampoo and condition with Minardi Luxury Color Care System 2: Balancing Wash and After Wash.

HOW-TO: Spicy Shade-on-Shade Brunette by Beth Minardi

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