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The Oscars 2014 : ClipperGuy Names Best Guy Hair and More

Ivan Zoot | March 4, 2014 | 8:06 AM
Ivan Zoot

The Oscars are a wrap and now it is time for the guy hair analysis. Following are the ClipperGuy top 5 guy hair take-aways from the 2014 Oscar telecast. Ivan Zoot's series of grooming DVDs and business-building education are available at!

1. The Oscar for the most popular guy hair care product goes toFirm hold gel. Seen on all the best heads. Travolta, Pitt, McConaughey, DeCaprio. Lock it in place. Add some shine. Firm hold gel is a classic styling tool and this year was the year of classics at the Oscars. There were really no outlandish dresses on the women. No one took a huge fashion risk. This paid off well as the talking heads on TV were more obsessed with picking apart Ellen’s humor and pizza ordering and bashing Travolta for butchering the name on the intro for Idina Menzel than harping about bad dresses. There were very few to pick on.

2. The Oscar for most on-trend guy haircut goes toBrad Pitt. Brad’s modern take on the mullet is right on trend. This is odd for Brad as he is typically a season ahead, but this cut played well in this classic setting. Long top, disconnected, super tight sides and longer back… all elements of classic mullet proportions with strong updates. His cut is a 100% spot-on copy of one of the trend cuts in the new collection from American Crew… which is also only slightly adapted from one of the cuts in my ClipperGuy 2014 collection. Right on trend.

3. The Oscar for men’s hair accessory of the moment goes to… Jason Sudeikis. Jason was sporting a well groomed and tailored beard. So were many other guys. Beards are still hot and on trend, but the Duck Dynasty has quacked it’s last quack. Long, wild and scraggly facial hair is out, way out. Good grooming is always in style and the right bearded look is tailored and crisp.

4. The Oscar for sporting the non-trend trend goes to… Jared Leto. Long hair like that on a guy right now? Nope. And Ombre haircolor to go with it? Double nope. He stepped way out in his performance and won a best supporting role Oscar for it. Kudos to him for that. Time for a haircut. Ask Brad for a referral to his barber.

5. The Oscar for starting a new trend for guys goes to…Pharrell Williams. Wearing shorts to the Oscars gets a HUGE vote from me. I wear shorts everywhere I can… even for work if I can get away with it. A high profile event calls for standing out from the crowd. While there was little risk taking this year you still want to be noticed. I do not think I saw a single mention of a guy’s outfit for the entire event other than Pharrell’s shorts. He was a nominee, too. He wore a different outfit for his singing performance, but was back in his seat in his shorts later. I have always struggled with the proper shoe choice for shorts at a formal event. Tennies are just wrong. His choice of lace up dress shoes with no socks worked with the shorts and the total look. Well played Pharrell. The Dudley Do-Right/Smokey The Bear hat did not work nearly as well, though.

There was much here for guy hair professionals to work with.

Talk up what you saw. Talk up what you liked. Hit me up if you agree or disagree with my impressions. I would love to hear your top five take-aways, too.

Happy clippering.


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