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COLLECTION: Maison Maite's Retro Smile

Chandler Rollins | March 10, 2014 | 1:12 PM

COLLECTION: Maison Maite's Retro Smile Maison Maite, owner of the international professional Redken, Great Lengths and Esthederm care salon of the same name, traveled to London last summer for a two week Sassoon Academy training session. During Maite’s trip, she met a homeless woman by a park who was always sitting in the same place and always smiling. “She was wearing unique clothes with retro touches that gave me the inspiration for this shoot,” Maite says. “I decided not to use traditional retro styles and techniques but to give this shoot a retro smile, like the homeless woman.” The result is a forward- thinking evocative collection featuring hair styles reminiscent of classic ’60s shapes.

COLLECTION: Maison Maite's Retro Smile

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