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Share Your Cancer Battle

Rosanne Ullman | February 3, 2014 | 3:51 PM

Share Your Cancer BattleAre you a stylist or salon owner who has battled cancer and has a message of hope to share? Did your salon or colleagues rally to support you?

Healthy Hairdresser is compiling stories of triumph and struggle that provide information and inspiration. We will feature some of these stories in an upcoming article in support of the salon community’s annual initiative with City of Hope, led this year by beauty ambassador Harlan Kirschner and focusing on the battle to beat cancer. We have several ways you can share your cancer experience:

* Post your pic and a short summary on the MODERN SALON Facebook wall.
* Do the same at #healthyhairdresser on Facebook.
* Private message Rosanne Ullman on Facebook.
* Email your story to

I’ll go first! After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2002, I underwent a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. I’ve been doing well ever since, but I never skip a mammogram and I still see both my surgeon and my oncologist every year just so they can check me. The lesson I learned from my experience that I share with newly diagnosed patients is that if a chicken like me can get through chemotherapy, they can, too.

How about you - what did you learn from your experience? Do you live your life any differently now? Let us know so that we can share your insights with the entire salon community.

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