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It's the Little Things: A Hint of Dimension in a Single Process

Beth Minardi | April 14, 2014 | 11:20 AM

Sometimes, it's just the "little things" that can make a huge difference, particularly when it involves professional hair color!

Why not "ramp up" what you offer your regular "single process" color clients this season, by offering them just a HINT of dimension in their current color? I like to do this by painting.. or wrapping in, five or six highlights.. or lowlights along the sides of the head or at the face frame. Sure, you can charge a few extra dollars. but I prefer to offer it as a special "gift" designed to interest the client in doing MORE for her color in the future.

 Let's face it. When our clients read magazines, see fashionable women, watch film or television, most of the color they see and admire is NOT "monochromatic". And, the television commercials claiming that their all over "box" shades create "highlights and lowlights". are not being entirely truthful. AND the models showing the results of this home coloring are DEFINITELY sporting salon-created dimensional color. Sadly, the average woman does not understand this.

So, next time you are finishing a brunette retouch, wait until the timer is just about ready to go off. When she has about 10 minutes left to process, quickly wrap four or five foils ontaining lightener and 5 volume developer around her face. The resulting WHISPERS of softer color will, I promise, make her feel super glamourous.. and interested in becoming your "twice a year" highlight cilent... a service which adds on to her usual single process retouch.... and which will elevate YOUR reputation as the hottest hair colorist in town.

And remember, as we endeavor to elevate hair color to an art form, let's try to change the way we talk about color. Using the term "color retouch and glaze' is much sexier, sophisticated and more interesting than the usual, tired term "touch up"...

 Here's to a warm, happy Spring. May all of us find love or enjoy that special love we have found. I hope you'll be able to attend one of my classes this season! I'll be in Connecticut, New York, Lubbock, San Diego and San Jose. as well as in Washington, D.C., Boston and Pittsburgh.

As always, I remain, colorfully... YOURS!


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