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PERSONAL STYLE: Theri DeJoode, an American Girl

Anne Moratto | April 21, 2014 | 2:07 PM

PERSONAL STYLE: Theri DeJoode, an American Girl

 Theri DeJoode, technical director for American Crew and co-owner of Groom for Men salon in Milwaukee, WI, says the best part of her job are the people she is with and their commitment to their craft. “I am lucky to work with really funny and nice people.  We laugh all day long,” says DeJoode. “With American Crew, I get to lead technical mastery which leads to creativity.  I appreciate American Crew and Vidal Sassoon for having a consistent and reliable method. These methods are simply the truth about cutting hair and their truths never change.  The best part about the American Crew education is that the method is consistent and the company is ever changing.”  

BORN AND RAISED:  Iowa. I am corn fed.

MY STYLE RIGHT NOW:  Lost.  I just got rid of six months of micro braids.  Not sure what is next.

MY HAIR RIGHT NOW:  Clean!  Freshly washed after six months of not even having water touch my scalp.  Now it is long and natural.    

THE COOLEST LOOK I EVER CREATED:  I have a new best this year.  I have to say The Hamilton, finish option #1.

FAVORITE ITEM IN MY WARDROBE:  Leg warmers that I wear as arm warmers.

THE TOUGHEST PART OF MY JOB: Writing the collection scripts for technical videos and managing 20-year-old emotionally growing women.  

I RELAX BY:  I can't say.

GUILTY PLEASURE:  I shouldn't say.

I AM INSPIRED BY:  Nature.  Every time I am out in nature for a while I get recharged, especially if I have to really push my limits.  My mind clears and I think in better ways to identify things; mostly with hair but often with spirituality.  

I BECAME A HAIRDRESSER BECAUSE:  I love to cut hair!  I am gifted with the understanding of physics and topography of hair. All of my teachers have told me I have something special and not to take it for granted. 

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