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Mario Lopez And Thinning Hair! Learn More From The NPD Survey

Maggie Mulhern | May 12, 2014 | 12:10 PM


"The hairstylist wears the hat of a counselor, friend or psychologist," says Mario Lopez, host of Extra.  "Thinning hair is the achilles heel for many men. When I stress out I lose hair. It is something I've had to deal with in the past."

Lopez and Nioxin have connected and while not necessarily a "spokesman", Lopez is said to have a "relationship". Apparently it's been a good relationship. Lopez used Nioxin when he suffered thinning hair upon a stressful episode in his life. "I was on top of it and Nioxin worked for me," he says. "I want to get the word out to other guys and raise the awareness level." When asked about how a salon professional should approach the topic with a client, Lopez says "The professional hairdresser should be straight forward. The client would be happy to learn there are options."

After the interview, Lopez shared the results from an NPD Group survey about thinning hair. Here are some of the results:

-69% of men worry about thinning hair, with it being top of mind frequently for more than half of them (51%).

  • Stylists may have to coax tough conversations out of their male clients as 53% of men are embarrassed to talk about certain grooming topics, including thinning hair (23%), and coloring their hair (18%).

Based on those surveyed, male clients need their stylist’s help separating fact from fiction – 97% of men have misconceptions about thinning hair and hair loss.

  • 75% of men don’t think that breakage can lead to thinning.
  • 86% of men do not relate scalp health and thinning.

 -59% of men don’t know there are effective solutions for thinning hair, yet more men (66%) would be likely to try a product that could guarantee thicker, fuller looking hair after 30 days.

  • 23% of men are willing to get an in-salon scalp treatment every 4-6 weeks, 31% of them would use styling products for a fuller finish and 25% admitted they would use a blow-dryer at home.
  • Close to half of the men surveyed would be willing to try a three-part system every day to achieve thicker looking hair.
  • A majority of men (89%) shop for their grooming products themselves, but only 24% are buying from a salon or barber shop – so more than three-quarters of men have the potential to be in-salon purchasers.
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