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HOW-TO: Magenta/Pink Hair Color Using Pravana & ColorMelting

Lauren Salapatek | July 16, 2014 | 11:15 AM

Hair Colorist Shannon Gabbour created this look for her client, (and new mom!) Sammy. “It was quite a process!” she says. Gabbour’s color inspiration came from this gorgeous orchid bouquet. We think she was pretty spot on with the final result!

HOW-TO: Magenta/Pink Hair Color Using Pravana & ColorMelting


STEP 1: "I used the Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor to remove her level 4 violet brown base."

STEP 2: "Next, I used Redken's Flash Lift Lightener with 10 vol to even out and lift her from regrowth to ends and 20 vol for her regrowth."

STEP 3: "I used the Pravana Silk Degrees Treatment to even out the hair's porosity. I wanted to make sure her Vivids would process evenly and last as long as possible."

STEP 4:  "For the hair color application, I sectioned the hair from the recession of the front hair line on her left side at an angle around her head toward the back middle of her right ear. I used Pravana Vivids Violet in that section."

STEP 5: "Next, I moved to the top of the head and applied the foils in a pinwheel shape. I did two violet slices, and applied Pravana Pink to each foil in-between. Then, I applied one Pravana Magenta foil and continued the pattern."

STEP 6: "On the sides, I used the same pattern, but foiled vertically around the head. I applied Pravana Pink between each foil and at the root of each foil. Then, it color melted with either the violet or magenta sections (to avoid any lines of demarcation).

 HOW-TO: Magenta/Pink Hair Color Using Pravana & ColorMeltingHOW-TO: Magenta/Pink Hair Color Using Pravana & ColorMeltingHOW-TO: Magenta/Pink Hair Color Using Pravana & ColorMelting

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