Lakme Formula: Mega Magenta by Wendy Bond

Victoria Wurdinger | October 19, 2016 | 10:27 AM
Color and style: Wendy Bond, Lakme USA director of education | Photographer: Navan Hok | Makeup: Kellye Pham

Wendy Bond, Lakme USA director of education, created this high-intensity magenta and shared with us the formulas and steps she used to achieve an impactful effect.


Natural level 8

Formula 1: 1 oz Lakme k.blonde lightener with 2 oz Lakme Collage Hydrox 20-volume developer

Formula 2: 1 oz Lakme Gloss Demi-Permanent color 5/25 + ¾ oz 0/00 + ¼ oz 7/50 with 2 oz Lakme Gloss Developing Emulsion

1. Apply Formula 1 from root to ends. Process 50 minutes or until you achieve level 10. Rinse, shampoo and towel dry.

2. Apply Formula 2 to all the damp hair. Process 20 minutes, then shampoo with Lakme Teknia Color Stay and apply the companion treatment.

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