HOW-TO: Fiery Redhead Using the Flash Framing Technique

October 25, 2016 | 9:59 AM
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Goldwell Artistic Director Rebecca Hiele frames the trend around luxury.

“Clients crave the most luxurious red,” she observes. “Having the perfect crimson and fiery red for the holiday season is total luxury and perfect for clients seeking a hot blend of cool crimson and warm citrus. This color is bold and extroverted, and it will bring on your clients’ holiday

Existing Shade
Regrowth: 7K (virgin)
Mid-lengths and ends: 7K (virgin)


Create surface and underneath saturation to solid hair sections around the head with diffusion to provide a reflective and multi-dimensional shimmering effect on the mid-lengths and ends. Use foils if necessary to prevent color staining.

A Topchic:
 40 ml Lotion 6 % (20 vol) + 40 ml [email protected]
A* Topchic:
 40 ml Lotion 9 % (30 vol) + 40 ml [email protected]
B Topchic:
 40 ml Lotion 9 % (30 vol) + 40 ml [email protected]
C Topchic:
 40 ml Lotion 6 % (20 vol) + 20 ml K Effects

a. Section the hair. Apply formula A onto the regrowth as a background foundation. 
b. Starting at the nape, create zig-zag sections and alternate diffusing for-mulas B, C and A* on the mid-lengths and ends using the Flash Framing Technique. Work toward the front.
c. Repeat on the other side.

a. Diffuse alternating formulas A* and B on the mid-lengths and ends within the zig-zag sections around the face. Diffuse formula C as a slice in between to create movement and dimension.b. At the crown, apply formula A* to the mid-lengths and ends. For more dimension, diffuse alternating formulas B and C within some sections using the Flash Framing Technique. 

STEP 3: Follow the directions for processing, and then shampoo and treat with Dualsenses Color products.

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