The Secret of Creating Wearable Fashion Color for Every Client

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 25, 2016 | 10:04 AM
Hair by Michael Haase

Fashion colors are not only for the fearless. Clients can embrace subdued shades for trendy fashion-forward color that fits any lifestyle.

Hair color experimentation continues to be a rising trend among all sorts of clients, but for many, dramatic shades are not practical. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in mixing it up and trying something more unconventional. For these clients, Michael Haase (@mmhaase), owner of Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles, gives clients vibrant colors that whisper rather than shout.

“Clients today want to have color change without the high impact,” Haase says. “Trending colors are beginning to pop around the face to contour or frame, from roots to midshaft or from midshaft to ends, and the color can be as quiet as few sections or as loud as a half or whole head.”

Haase emphasizes the importance of blending bolder colors so that they seamlessly transition in the client’s base color.

For this client, Haase created a look that smoothly and subtley moves from brunette to blush pink. He mixed Wella Instamatic Pink Dream with Clear to give a slight iridescence to the hair. He painted the color on in a checkerboard pattern to create the seamless blend.

“It needed to be different, yet gentle, for visual effect and have all the colors painted from roots to ends without showing any lines of demarcation,” Haase says.

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