A Whole New Angle on Curls - Staying Ergonomically-Friendly with CurlBar

Lauren Salapatek | November 21, 2016 | 1:54 PM
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STEP 5. Curly hair finished look (back view)
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Curly hair finished look
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Can you imagine going an entire day of styling without shoulder, elbow or wrist strain?

Designed to set the "bar" as one of the newest curling irons in the professional salon industry, the CurlBar by Hot Tools is ergonomically angled and uniquely shaped like an "L" which helps stylists achieve long-lasting curls in seconds without strain.

This iron also features an optimal time feature, which can be set according to the client's hair type and texture. For more information about the CurlBar, visit

Here, Hot Tools Stylist Detra Smith shows you how to create curls with the CurlBar. See for yourself how easy it is.


STEP 1: Set the temperature and timer at the desired heat and curl time. Wrap a strand of hair around the barrel and wait for the timer to vibrate before releasing.

STEP 2: As each curl is released pin it in place to cool.

STEP 3: Continue taking small sections until all of the hair is curled and pinned.

STEP 4: Here is an example of how a curl should look with a heat setting spray and the 1” Curl Bar.

STEP 5: Release the curls after they have cooled. Separate the curls with your fingers for a tousled finish. Brush the curls into waves for a more glamorous look.

Stylist Tip - Twisting the hair as you wrap it around the barrel will give the curl a more "modern edge."



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