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Behind the Cover: September 2014

Alison Alhamed | September 4, 2014 | 8:50 AM
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Behind the Cover: September 2014BE IT THE RUNWAYS OF FASHION WEEK, architecture, the heart of a buzzing city, music or art, inspiration comes from many sources. When Japanese-based hairdresser Kazushi Yamamura was conceptualizing his latest photoshoot, he was inspired by the arts.

The classic, modern and post-modern art movements from the 1900s to the 2000s triggered an idea: how can these eras be translated to hair?

Enter the Trilogy Collection—Yamamura’s reflection of art expressed through beauty via Silk, “more is better,” conservative to represent the classic era; Metal for the futuristic modern era; and Nylon, post-modern’s “less is more” concept.

Featured on the cover of this issue is, of course, Metal. At the dawn of the modern era, Yamamura says, traditional classic fashion and architecture had already begun to change little by little.

“People were growing tired of the classic style and were switching to a much simpler style,” he says. This style would become that of the Modern era. “To express that modern atmosphere, I used only monochromatic colors in this work,” says Yamamura, who used Manic Panic color to create the muted pastel on our cover. “You can feel the elegance of the image in the simple black dress, the clear bijoux and the rubber gloves. You can feel the strength in the sharp lines composing the nose and chin, and the softened mood through the spare use of color: white, silver and black. To help me capture all this, I hired a model whose poses helped me capture the smooth curves of my ideal.”

The cut frames the color in the form of a modern bob. “It’s a style that has endless possibilities, and the fun can only increase as you try the style with different colors,” Yamamura says.

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