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Holiday Nail Art How-Tos

Jamie Newman | December 22, 2016 | 1:41 PM
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Apply base coat, then apply pink gel color to all nails. Put on gold glitter gradation on thumb and ring of bottom finger, and place a gold shell hologram on the thumb and ring fingers. For the tree, draw a triangle in gold glitter color  on middle finger. Attach some stones randomly (red, crystal, silver) on glitter triangle and Attach gold star shell hologram top of triangle. Apply sparkle pink glitter on index and small fingers and then apply top coat to all nails. By Yuki Soto

Is your client headed to an ugly sweater party? What about a glam get-together? Or just wants to have some fun with her manicure this holiday season? Hollywood's MARS the Salon artists Ayumi Namaizawa, Hiroko Fujikawa and Yuki Sato have you covered with nail art ideas for any holiday gathering. 

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