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COLOR CORRECTION: She Let Me "Play" With Her Hair

Maggie Mulhern | January 31, 2017 | 3:36 PM
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Jessica Love (@jessicaa_lovee) of Shag Salon, Houston, Texas, revealed her artistic abilities through this color correction by creating an astonishing masterpiece. Love actually approached this client outside of the salon stating that she had a vision. "I got inspired and couldn't help myself but to ask if she'd come in and let me play with her hair," says Love. "We clicked instantly and booked an appointment. This industry is a true passion of mine and I love exploring my creativity. She looked forward to the project as well."

Love shares the HOW-TO:

Step 1: Consultation. "The art of consultation is just as important as the service itself. Even if your client gives you 'free range,' be sure to discuss what your goal is and how you plan on getting there."

Step 2: Sectioning. Divide into four quadrants. Within the quadrants divide the nape, back and sides. You should now have six sections (each having a left and right side). Form a rectangle out of the top and crown. This will be the start of your diamond.

Step 3: Formula. Always keep in mind of the previous chemical services your client has on her hair. Color corrections aren't blank canvases, but you can use what's already there to your advantage.


Color A: 7.24

Color B: 7.4 (1/2) + 9.4 (1/2) = 8.4

Color C: 9.7

Color D: Lightener/Decolorizer

**with lightener your developer should increase as you work up the head. (Ex: nape/back 10vol, sides/crown=20vol, top=30vol)**

Step 4: Format. "I chose the DIAMOND technique. It allows you to be creative, get amazing coverage, and no matter how your client chooses to wear her hair, your art is always being shown off.  For this particular service, precise diagonal backs are key. This allows your color to be bold yet appear natural at the same time."

Nape (L/R): Diagonal back slice with 1/8 inch partings. Alternating colors of your choice, A, B, C, and/or D.

Back (L/R): Diagonal back slice with 1/8 inch partings. Alternating colors of your choice, A, B, C, and/or D.

Sides (L/R): Diagonal back slice with 1/8 inch partings. Alternating colors of your choice, A, B, C, and/or D.

Top/Crown: Your rectangles will have horizontal slices. Your diamonds will have diagonal slices. Starting with a rectangle then forming a diamond within it, and so on. Repeat this to the end.

Step 5: Processing Time. The color will have to sit for at least 30 minutes, grey coverage requires 45 minutes. Increasing your developer with the the lightener will prevent uneven tones.

Step 6: Finale. Remove all foils. Rinse and emulsify, allowing the colors to tone the highlighted areas. Rinse thoroughly using ESLABONDEXX Resque Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat. Follow up with ESLABONDEXX Amplifier. Wait two to five minutes before rinsing. Spray on ESLABONDEXX Immediate Rescue. Detangle. Blowout.

"Be sure to send clients home with the perfect regimen to maintain their look. And never forget to pre-book," says Love. "Remember that hair is art. Imagine. Create. Inspire."

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