Brighten up: Blonde Bombshell Balayage How-to

Lauren Salapatek | March 15, 2017 | 8:08 AM

Blonde balayage looks are always in style – and the trend this summer is to brighten them up in a whole new way. GKhair has just the look you need to try next.

Beginning as a Level 6 dark blonde, this model’s hair was transformed from dark to light in only a few steps. With the help of GKhair’s Miami Beach Bombshell, a clay lightening powder, you will see here that in just a matter of minutes you can easily achieve up to 6 levels of lift, giving your client the blonde she’s been wishing for.

Miami Beach Bombshell makes it easier than ever to create balayage perfection. The product goes on as a cream and then hardens directly on the hair eliminating the needs for foils, wraps and cotton. This blue base clay lightener not only lifts the hair easily, but it also neutralizes unwanted brassy tones in the hair.

Miami Beach Bombshell is fortified with GKhair’s exclusive ingredient, Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for the hair as well as other natural ingredients to achieve the ultimate healthy blonde hairstyles of all variations.

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Starting Level: Natural, 6

  1. Section the hair into four parts.
  2. Braid each section.
  3. Pull down one of the three pieces from each braid.
  4. Lighten the pieces pulled outside of the braid with Miami Beach Bombshell.
  5. Process for 40 minutes.








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