How to Match Extensions to a Client's Existing Color

April 7, 2017 | 9:41 AM

What is the best way to match extensions to a client's existing color?

“When working with human-hair clip-ins, store your color swatches where they’re protected from light exposure, and replace them every year or two as needed to make sure your swatch is true to color,” says Alex Lozano, who uses HairUWear Professional at his Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, salon.

Next, match the color or colors to the client’s hair beginning halfway down the hair shaft to the ends—not the roots.

“High-quality human-hair clip-ins will be multi-tonal, so each color can be used on a broad range of base hair colors,” Lozano says. “Because clip-ins will always have the client’s natural hair laying over them, choose colors that create an effect such as a lowlight, highlight or an accent color. A perfect color match isn’t necessary to result with a perfect blend.”

If a perfect blend is desired and there isn’t an exact match available on the color swatch, you can color or tone the clip-ins. For HUW Pro Clip-ins, Lozano recommends semi- or demi-permanent formulas using 20-volume developer or lower.

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