Using Extensions to Achieve Hair Color Effects

April 7, 2017 | 9:46 AM

Playing with color does not have to equate to picking up a brush and bowl, say Tony Odisho educators. Extensions can be used for a wide spectrum of color effects too.

“For subdued color, a horse-shoe section of extensions is applied two inches above the ear, circling to the other side,” says Tony Odisho, stylist and founder of Tony Odisho Extensions. “For a more dramatic look, we typically apply three rows of the client’s natural color, then two rows of the desired color and end with two rows of their natural color to create a chemical-free ombre.

"Some clients with blonde hair want a paler tone, which can be achieved without lightener. We add one or two rows of the lightest shades of extensions, which will enhance their existing color."

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