A Closer Examination at Face Shapes for the Stylist

Lauren Salapatek | October 9, 2012 | 1:17 PM

A person’s lifestyle, weight, height, personality, and face shape all are contributing factors you should consider as a stylist before recommending a look for your client. Once you feel like you have made an overall character analysis of the individual, then you can figure out which look is for them. MODERN talked to Muzaffer Topal, top hairdresser and educator in Istanbul/Turkey with 25 years of styling experience, and asked him to explain the seven different face shapes and their ideal models (provided by Pivot Point education):

A Closer Examination at Face Shapes for the Stylist

Round shaped face: This face usually has a soft and balanced look. If the person is not happy with their round facial shape, and wants to have a more a narrow/oval look, then they must prefer a cut which gives volume. This way the emphasis will be more on the hair than the face. Cuts that have front strokes will make your face thinner. (Pinches of hair accumulated more on the front will make a face look thinner.)

Square shaped face: This type of face has more of a sharp look but it’s also a balanced shape. If your client doesn't want to change the square shape of their face the best hair cut will be a square cut. But if you want to soften their complexion then opt for rounder styles. For example you can use bangles or pieces of hair towards their temples.

A Closer Examination at Face Shapes for the Stylist A Closer Examination at Face Shapes for the Stylist

Rectangular shaped face: If your clients have a rectangular face, and want it to look shorter; then opt for a chin level hair cut. This hair cut will give the face a more balanced look.

Oval shaped face: If you have an oval face you are in luck as this type of face will adhere to many different styles of hair cuts. If they want to add a bit of length to their face then opt for a longer hair style, or provide upwards volume which will give them a more rectangular look. I would recommend angled bangs for this type of face.

A Closer Examination at Face Shapes for the Stylist A Closer Examination at Face Shapes for the Stylist

Reverse triangle face: With this type of face it is easy to make changes and apply different hair cuts. It is also ideal for make-up. If your clients want their face to standout more, they should prefer short hair styles by adding more volume upwards.

But if they want to give their face a more soft and balanced look, then you should choose a hai rcut that creates more volume on the back of the neck ; and less volume upwards (towards the top of the head).

Triangle shaped face: The ideal cut is having short sideburns and adding more volume upwards with square shape cuts.

Diamond-shaped face: Almost any style hai rcut will go for this face shape. Long, short, straight, wavy, or even bangles would work fine for a diamond-shape face.











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