Change you Hair’s Policy with Yuko

Valeria Fanelli | October 10, 2012 | 9:34 AM

When people ask me about my hair I really don’t know what to answer. Not curly, not straight, not wavy. When people ask me about my hair I really don’t know what to answer. Not curly, not straight, not wavy. My hair pretty much has a mind of its own (little rebelious strands I call them), and they go every which way without consulting me.

A couple of days ago, I was trying to make a list of things that my “hair doesn’t like” and figured out it was so long and probably never going to end. So, I narrowed it down and realized my hair will always be exposed to agents that will not help me, especially frizz.

After I tried many products–some of them very good though, I finally found a serum that looks like it was made for keeping my little rebels quiet and let me decide how I want them to look like every morning.

Anti-Frizz Serum by Yuko is the product that made miracles with my hair. It is a smoothing serum that utilizes a unique blend of natural plant oils to restore shine while sealing moisture into the hair for easy frizz control. It is very easy to use in just two steps:

STEP 1: Apply a small amount onto your hands;

STEP 2: Lightly apply onto your hair.

After I tried this great frizz controller, my hair is a lot more disciplined and external agents like humidity do not scare me as much as they did before. My hair’s policy changed and I have control of my head now!

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